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 Coming from a long line of artists, painting was something I could do but it was not my “passion” so I pursued a career in fitness and enjoyed helping people with their health for 25 years. On a whim, I took a 6 week pottery course 4 years ago and it opened the door to a whole world of creativity and traveling doing shows and doing custom work. It was only after the death of my mom “Punk” that I found myself immersing myself in mud which allowed her artistic vision for me to live on thru my work and do this full time. I love what sculpture allows me to do and it was not long after that my husband and best friend of 20 years decided to learn to throw pottery on a whim and without even taking a course, he has joined me full time into something we both love together. We bring to life visions of our native surroundings with a little sense of humor thrown in:)

Freddie Phillips 

I make functional pottery whether it is a bowl, mug or vase but with the flare of added features to appeal to those who love both craft and art. Personally I have always had a love for all things hand made and working in many trades using and building things with my hands gives me an appreciation of pride and craftsmanship in what I do and discovering pottery allowed me an outlet to continue that process. Being self taught makes me extremely exhilarated to see one of my creations going to a new home.

Mandy Huffman

I love the tactile feel of what clay can do and once I  discovered the wonderful 3D effect that I could achieve with clay, I felt at home. I get my inspiration from nature and like to combine details and sculpture to form a "surprise" within a ceramic piece that can be used for both function and art.

I love this picture of me and the sweets
We love creating functional art and feel blessed to be able to share our passion.
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